It is our inherent right to be at peace and be happy. It is every person's birthright to have their heart's true desires.  Abundance is available to all for their highest good.  A thought can change a situation, a job or a lifetime. What you think and believe is what your life evolves to.  If you believe you can or you can not, that is what it becomes.  A small change in a thought from negative to positive can make the day happier, easier and more enjoyable.  Life does give us bumps along the way, but it is how we react and handle those bumps that can make life enjoyable or miserable.

It may not be easy to re-train our brains to find the positive or good in all situations.  Some situations are heart-wrenching and we do not understand the 'why' of things happening the way they do.  But if we understand and believe that we can change and make the best of all situations, life will get easier as time passes.  We have free will and the ability to make choices.  Trust your intuition, do what feels 'right', and life will be good.  Just "BELIEVE".